Who We Are

When a person is challenged by an incurable illness and the journey of treatment ends, here the role of Josaab foundation begins in supporting terminally-ill patients.

Josaab Foundation is a non-profit organization; registered under license number 7800 for year 2010, at the Egyptian Ministry of Social Affairs.

Josaab foundation supports adult (18+) terminally-ill patients regardless of their socio-economic class, gender or religion completely free of charge.

Living Well Towards The End Of Life


Josaab vision is to be the premier provider of hospice services in Egypt.

Josaab foundation is unique in serving terminally-ill patients, preserving their dignity till the end of their life. Terminally-ill patients are defined as those suffering from severe illness which has advanced beyond the limits of existing therapeutic options. Medically it is recommended for these patients to receive palliative care which relieves their pain and improves their quality of life. This is globally recognized as hospice services.

Unlike other medical care therapies, the focus of hospice isn't to cure the underlying disease. The goal of hospice however, is providing care preserving the dignity of terminally-ill patients and enhancing their quality of life for whatever time that remains.

Mission, Goals

Josaab mission is providing care and preserving the dignity of terminally-ill patients and their families through hospice services. This includes social, psychological, nursing and financial support offered free of charge by a trained multi-disciplinary team.

Josaab main goals are:
1-To disseminate the idea of hospice in the Egyptian community.
2-To reach out to more communities in need of hospice services.
3-To establish and operate the first of its kind stationary hospice in Egypt.