How we started

Before its registration, the founders of JOSAAB Foundation surveyed the issues that most burden the Egyptian community. Through quantitative assessment, we realized that in Egypt there are over 45, 000 established nongovernmental organizations that serve different sectors of the community, but none of them were focused on serving terminally-ill patients.

Terminally-ill patients are the most marginalized and burdened patients in the society and were most of the time left to die in pain and suffering. The patient even suffers from social death before physical death and this is where the founders of JOSAAB Foundation found their mission. JOSAAB Foundation is a non-profit organization; registered under license number 7800 for the year 2010, at the Egyptian Ministry of Social Affairs. JOSAAB foundation established the first of its kind Hospice Egypt project .

What does JOSAAB stand for

JOSAAB Foundation name is split into two parts. JO is an abbreviation for “Joy Of” and SAAB is the abbreviation for the name of the person who wanted to do charity and give back to the community. That person was deceased before he had the chance to do so. His family, who are the founders, decided to dedicate the foundation to his memory.