Where We Work

Josaab foundation continues to meet its mission and develop its services by creating a new service to be offered to Josaab patients called: stationary hospice. The stationary hospice is a place for those terminally-ill patients who have no one to take care of them. Their relatives, family or neighbors might not be able to fully support them.

Over the previous years, Josaab foundation has offered its free mobile hospice services to a large number of patients and their families in Greater Cairo (Cairo governorate – Giza governorate –Qalyubia governorate) and even extended to Sharkia governorate. Moreover, the team is preparing to further expand to offer support services to terminally-ill patients and their families in one of the Upper Egypt governorates.

Cairo Governorate

. El Marg
. Maadi
. Ain Shams
. El Matareya
. Haddaiq El Qubbah
. Zeitoun
. El Nozha
. Heliopolis
. El Zawiyah El Hamra
. Bulaq
. Shubra
. El Sharabeya
. Manshiyat Naser
. Nasr City
. Bab El Shariyah
. El Gamaliyah
. El Darb El Ahmar
. El Basatin
. El Sayidah Zaynab
. El Salam City
. Dar El-Salam
. Helwan
. New Cairo
. Badr City
. Ezbet El Hagana
. El Manial
. El Amirya
. Mansheyat El Bakry

Giza Governorate

. Giza
. Feisal
. Embaba
. El Waraq
. Bulaq El Dakroor
. Al Haram
. Sheikh Zayed City
. Al Ayat
. Atfeeh
. El Saf

Qalyubia Governorate

. Shubra El Kheima
. Tukh
. Obour City
. Banha
. Shibin El Qanater
. Khanka
. Khusus