January 26, 2017 January 26, 2017

Fun Day at the Family Park for the children of terminally-ill patients

Josaab team organized a fun day during the mid year vacation, for the children and grandchildren of the terminally-ill patients. Some of the children have lost their parents/grandparents to an illness; others are going through the process of losing them.
 At the beginning of the day, the children went to the zoo present inside the park then they played with age appropriate games at the amusement park.
Josaab team helped in managing the day so that the children had time to bond together and express themselves as well as, they enjoyed a puppet show performed by one of Josaab volunteers ending with a short lunch break. One of our patients joined the team during that day; since she used to be a social worker specialized with children before she got ill. To her that day was more than just a regular day out, it was a day that gave her purpose and reminded her that there is still joy left for her to experience in the world.