July 12, 2015 July 12, 2015

Ramadan Iftar at the J.W. Marriott

J.W. Marriott Hotel invited Josaab foundation to attend a Ramadan Iftar event on 12th of July 2015. In response to this invitation, Josaab encouraged the attendance of the terminally ill patients and their families accompanied with Josaab nurses, field coordinators, social workers and volunteers. The Iftar was held amidst a joyful ambiance along the tunes of authentic takht music. Josaab foundation sends its gratitude to the hotel management and specifically Ms. Gina Farouk for organizing this wonderful event, which had a significant positive impact on the patients and their families’ morale. This event helped Josaab foundation in providing recreational support for the patients and their families, which is considered an integral part of Josaab mission; providing care and dignity for the terminally ill patients