Hospice Egypt Services

Who We Are

When a person is challenged by an incurable illness and the journey of treatment ends, here the role of Josaab Foundation begins in supporting terminally-ill patients.
Josaab Foundation is a non-profit organization; registered under license number 7800 for year 2010, at the Egyptian Ministry of Social Affairs.

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Living Well Towards The End Of Life

Our Impact Is Measurable

Hospice services are found worldwide mainly in developed countries; however there is an immense need for these services in low-middle income developing countries such as Egypt. The project is alleviating the suffering of thousands of patients and family members through leading the hospice movement in Egypt. Every patient and family we serve is documented on our confidential data system and to make sure our services meet up to quality standards we analyze our data regularly.


What Volunteers Are Saying

Read about what our diverse volunteers are saying about Hospice Egypt

Salma Serag El Din
"Thank you Josaab foundation for giving me this great opportunity to learn about other aspects to life and to humanity."

Samir Botros
"Josaab foundation is the first place for terminally-ill patients in Egypt and is conforming to international standards."

Mina Wagih
"I also feel happy not only during my visits to the patients, but also when I make their children happy and notice joy in their eyes."

Sahar Dawood
"The sentiment that you give to others, has a profound positive effect on you even before it reflects back to the person you are giving the sentiment to."

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